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Who is a Winning Woman?

A Winning Woman has a good sense about herself, what is important, what she wants out of life, how she will get it, and most of all, a sense of peace within that lets her know that regardless how many obstacles she may face, she is not alone and can share this journey with others. God created woman to be beautiful inside and out. Using the gifts, talents, and grace with a winning attitude, she is a Winner! Simply stated; information + knowledge = power. We are here to encourage, esteem, and help you to believe you can achieve your goals. Are you ready to become a Winning Woman?


Winning Love

How do I love you, let me show you the ways; cards, flowers, chocolates, dinners, lingerie, perhaps an engagement ring, or hearing "I Love You" for the first time from someone you have seeing.
Yes, there is love. And it comes in many ways, like your baby's giggle or falling asleep in your arms or your child climbing up on your lap to snuggle. Your teen, who hangs around a little longer so they can hear you say something nice to them.

Perhaps it's a good friend who you have known for a long time that you can share a warm thought or sentiment with. You can smile at the person behind the counter, say thanks to the person who pumps your gas in the pouring rain, or the guys who pick up your trash.

Sadly, many people go a whole day without hearing a kind word from anyone, they feel invisible, as the world rushes around them, or maybe, we are the ones who feel invisible. We all need love from someone who cares, wants to be there with us, for us, unconditionally loving us no matter what.

I believe that the most awesome and wonderful love comes from God, our Father, our Creator, who made us in His own Image. Yes, He loves us so much that He sent His only Son to give His life for us so that we can live in eternal love with Him.

God and Love are the same - you can't "see" it, "touch"it, "feel"it - but you can see it, feel it and touch it by giving your love to someone else unconditionally, and receiving it. It fills your heart with warmth, joy, and gladness. Knowing you are loved, gives us peace that we are not alone, or invisible. He sees our every moment and is with us all the time - He promised He will never leave us alone.

Do you need love today? Do you need to feel loved? Then take a moment and quiet your heart and mind and just ask for God's Love to fill you and let you feel His Presence.