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Who is a Winning Woman?

A Winning Woman has a good sense about herself, what is important, what she wants out of life, how she will get it, and most of all, a sense of peace within that lets her know that regardless how many obstacles she may face, she is not alone and can share this journey with others. God created woman to be beautiful inside and out. Using the gifts, talents, and grace with a winning attitude, she is a Winner! Simply stated; information + knowledge = power. We are here to encourage, esteem, and help you to believe you can achieve your goals. Are you ready to become a Winning Woman?


Pitching your Business

You are in an elevator with someone who may be a decision maker for the company you have been looking at doing business with - what do you say?

How do you get your pitch in before the door opens? It's crunch time, and you've got to say it in 25 seconds or less - there are no second chances, this is the moment; and that is why it is called the 'Elevator Pitch' or 'Elevator Speech'.
Great! You think; 'Here's my chance to tell them about my great company', and you proceed to download your entire docier of everything you do and have ever done. Then, just to make sure they don't forget you, you offer your card. Do you wonder why you never hear back from them?
Has this ever happened to you? Carried away by the mere question, in your excitement and exuberance, you fire-hose the person with everything you've got. Too much information (TMI).
Seriously though, you have a business that you want to talk about because you love doing what you do. You are passionate about it and you want to tell the world. However, what you may or may not realize is that no one is interested in you. Your long-winded discourse could go on to being boring or even borderline rude if you continue talk only about yourself. It is time to tighten it up and make it interesting to "them". It has to be about them. This is why it is important to master your speech so that it clearly identifies what you have to offer is of benefit to this person. The person who may or may not be interested in you and has for the sake of small talk, asked - 'And, what do you do?'

So, what options are there for letting people know about your business - politely?
Let's look at and break down the elements to the best under-1-minute speech and how to put one together; The Elevator Speech or The Elevator Pitch.

First, get a timer, set it for 2 minutes, then write down what you do. Not easy is it?
Two minutes seem so short, yet it is way too much time in an elevator. Keep working at it till you can beat the clock at 2 minutes, then 1 minute, till you have it under 40 seconds. Sharpen and shorten your time till you can say what you do in 25 - 30 words or under approximately 40 seconds.
Get to that strong one-liner that makes them think 'wow' and ask for your business card. Or perhaps they may give you theirs and tell you to call them. They want more, you got them hooked. How did you do it?

Let's break down the elements to a great elevator pitch or speech by implementing these keys as you are putting your pitch together;

  • Know who your target is - if you don't no one else will and you will just throw it out there hoping it will stick on someone. Keep in mind that if the person just doesn't seem to fit your client profile template, just smile, be professional, and very be brief about what you do. Never offer your business card.
  • Know what your goal is - you want to get your foot in the door with this speech, then once in you will get more time to elaborate on your business and how it will benefit them. Notice, I said benefit them, which leads me to the next point -
  • Know that it's NOT about you - your potential client wants to know what's in it for them, what are they going to get and how will they benefit from your business relationship.
  • Keep it short and to the point - enough said. You don't want someone rambling in your ear, don't do it to anyone else.
  • Be prepared - always know that the chance for your pitch can happen anywhere, any time.
  • Be confident - Practice! Practice! Practice!, till you can say it in your sleep. Make sure your speech exudes the passion behind what you are saying therefore YOU have to believe it yourself.
The late great Winston Churchill said it best; "Be Clear. Be Brief. Be Seated."