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Who is a Winning Woman?

A Winning Woman has a good sense about herself, what is important, what she wants out of life, how she will get it, and most of all, a sense of peace within that lets her know that regardless how many obstacles she may face, she is not alone and can share this journey with others. God created woman to be beautiful inside and out. Using the gifts, talents, and grace with a winning attitude, she is a Winner! Simply stated; information + knowledge = power. We are here to encourage, esteem, and help you to believe you can achieve your goals. Are you ready to become a Winning Woman?


A Winning Attitude when times are tough

I don't have to tell you about all the things going wrong in our country right now, it seems like we are a ship without a port, being tossed right to left and back. Times are definitely difficult to say it mildly, yet I have hope. Not because of our current government, and their plans for recovery, instead I have hope deep inside which propels me each day to get up and get going to accomplish something useful and beneficial to someone.

Do you look up at the sky and see dark clouds only, or do you peer behind them and see the sun shining above? That is the Winning Attitude I am talking about. haIt says, regardless of the situation I am in, regardless of the tough times I am in, like the stormy clouds that eventually clear up and show the sun again, so too, we will go through these times.

How? How can I have a winning attitude with all this going on around me? In my life?

First and foremost I believe you have to know that you are important.

To quote Roy Lessin who wrote these words;

"Just think, you're here not by chance, but by God's choosing. His hand formed you and made you the person your are. He compares you to no one else - you are a one of a kind. You lack nothing that His grace can't give you. He has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill His special purpose for this generation."

Whether you believe this to be true, it is God's perspective of you. He treasures and values you more than anything in this world. There is no thing that He would trade you for. Knowing that, when, maybe you have nobody else in your life who tells you that you are important gives hope.

I am not saying He will suddenly appear and pluck you out of your difficult situation - no, instead, He will lead you to people, who will welcome you with a kind word, a place to stay, warmth and security during the difficult days, weeks, or months that you are going through this time in your life. Remember that we go "through" and never stay in the place we are if we are willing to follow His guidance which we hear in our conscience or our spirit.

We can have a winning attitude in many ways, when we realize for example that we are healthy, have friends and family, have someone who cares about us, laughs and cries with us, and prays for us.

This is not for the weak of heart - it is a time for strength and perseverance during difficult times. We need to charge our batteries with prayer and be strengthened by God's Word so we can be a beacon of light to others and they grope their way through the dark times of their lives.

Proverbs 13:12 "Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when dreams come true at last, there is life and joy!" (from the Living Bible)