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Mother's Day - A Day of Celebration

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Happy Mother's Day the kids are shouting and squealing with delight at the prospect of all the secret ideas the have concocted with dad to spoil mom on this special day.

Oh the childish excitement and giddyness that flows through the house, as the kids are trying to keep quiet making breakfast for mom, setting the table, perhaps even cutting flowers from the garden to decorate with.

Shhh, she's coming they whisper so loud the neighbors can hear. But she takes it with a smile and plays along with her family knowing that they know she knows too.

How fun, and what a happy day - Mom is treated like a queen for a day, along with all the wonderful treats and surprises only kids could conjure up with true creativity.

Will the boxes she opens be a string of pearls, or a diamond ring? No, most likely it will be those special drawings and paper wrapped boxes that are called to be the caretakers of Mom's Jewelry that will be the delight of her life. Made with love, by her children, she embraces and lovingly touches each one as if they were indeed precious gems.

Her children surprise her with flowers in a vase and a box of chocolates, which they handpicked, and now are eagerly awaiting the unfolding of the covers that reveal this wonderful delicacy, which they want to partake of with her.

A family, safe, secure, blessed, enjoying the wonderful gift of children that God has given them.

Now, its Dad's turn; he kisses his wife in front of the children, (security for the kids, knowing that Dad and Mom love each other). He gently puts an elegant long stemmed rose without thorns into her hands and a card. As she opens and begins to read it, tears well up in the pools of her eyes. Her husband in the best way he knows declares yet again his undying love, devotion,. and faithfulness to her and the family He thanks her in front of their children for being his wife and the love of his life! It may have been a difficult year with challenges that brought them close together, but together they are stronger and their relationship is bonded by the Christ-centered vows they made to each other on their wedding day.

Sounds like a fairy tale, but it is also real for so many women who have developed strong relationships with their husband and children to celebrate this day.

I hope that you will find your day full of wonderful treats and blessings to savor and keep in your heart, till next Mother's Day.

Enjoy and celebrate today as a Winning Woman that you are!

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rockingjude said...

I thought I would add to Monica's lovely post with some helpful earth friendly hints to give Mom on Mother's Day.

Number one on my list
Never fails to make eyes mist..

A simple hug and a big ole kiss...

Hanging baskets are always a nice clue...So make sure to add a feeder or two..To bring a hummingbird or a few...

A little tree brings lots of things
Like pretty birds and butterfly wings..

Cleaning the yard, mowing the grass
Brings the sweet smell of summer's past...

A soft pair of goat gloves
With a message of love...

Books to read while sipping a fine wine
Makes our lives simply sublime...

To top it all off; a gurgling fountain
Is almost as good as a view of the mountains...

To Monica with hugs and love...From A Winning woman who has her gloves...