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Twitter - a Bird's Nest of Hope & Love

twitter logo map 09Image by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten via Flickr

There are those; the cynical, the nay-sayers who would challenge the idea of an online community that is like a family.

Yes, many of us are professionals looking to meet and expand our networks. Some of us have products or services that we can promote and gain clients from. All types of business people connecting with others in their field to find reprieve from the pushy side of business and be able to share ideas, attend webinars, exchange knowledge, information, and join a group.

Health issues such as; Autism,Breast Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes and other causes have a platform.

Politically, it has extended for many of us an eye into the throws of national and global issues without the bias of msn, and gives us information and a voice to express our concerns on subject that affect each of our lives no matter where we live. politics We can find groups such as TCOT that one can be a part of to express freely concerns about our country.

Imagine a group of guys discussing with intense brevity the biggest fish they ever caught, current trades and stats in their favorite sports or even Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football

Additionally, for women; there are the clubs, groups or organizations that draw those who would perhaps never be able to attend an actual live meeting due to children, work, illness, or financial restrictions. To find a plethora of resources, make new girlfriends to connect with, develop and share special friendships with, and find encouragement from each other is found sometimes from a simple 140 character tweet that can brighten up a person's day.

The benefits of Twitter are endless like the reverberation of a smooth stone carefully aimed skipping across a quiet pond. The ripple effect is almost immediate. A word, a cause, a comment can create such a passionate response and support.

For me, it has been only a few months since I discovered Twitter, and admittedly, I have to say it has been a blessing. Funny how God uses the oddest things to help us out when we need it the most. Moving to a new community where I know no one, working virtually with my clients, I spent days and nights focused only on work. On top of an extremely cold winter, missing my grand kids, left me with no energy or desire to seek groups, organizations, let alone trying to make friends. Hating the thought of being stuck in a blue winter mood coupled with an attitude of lethargy, I spent my free moments searching the internet to mine its caverns for untapped treasures.

I started with FB, and rapidly became bored and frustrated, because it did not offer the "live" interaction or dynamics of topics and people I could easily communicate with. It was more dry and stoic, thus I continued my search in hopes of finding something that would suit my personality, and what I found, literally changed my life!

Don't get me wrong, I was busy with work, have a huge address book of professional contacts and business friends. Having traveled all over the world, made friends in different countries, continue my relationships with them, but Twitter was different. The social interaction, the opportunity to meet other professionals, learn and be current with politics, technology, issues, and concerns of today, infused my excitement about Twitter in a most profound way. I looked forward to tweeting with new found enthusiasm and anticipation. Finding new friends and an avenue to interact immediately was sheer delight.

You may even be nodding your head in agreement as you think about why you are on Twitter; personally, it has given me a voice to express my experiences with Breast Cancer, expertise as a Business Executive and Coach, an amateur gourmet chef, a chocolatier, wine connesuier, mom of twins, Grand of 6, an author and writer of books and stories that I can now share. To be involved in causes that are important to me as well as others gives new meaning to social networking.
As prosaic as it may sound, it already feels like home, like a comfy sweater, like a nest that I share with other tweeps. Home in the sense, that when I log in, I find myself reading with awe some of the wonderful tweets from friends I have found and developed relationships with. It brings a smile to my face, and warms my heart. I know that my presence makes a difference in someone's life and my tweets have value and impact.

I may never meet any of the people on Twitter, but I know we make a difference in each others lives in some way. We all leave an impression in the hearts of those we have come to know. Our imprint will be like a spirit that continues to reach and touch others lives that cannot be taken away even if Twitter goes away, (which I hope never happens).
We have built an international under-pinning of people who share the same basic desires; to relate to other people who share similar interests and are looking for friends to expand their networks, to be free to speak, pursue their desires for freedom, self-sufficiency ,reward for hard work, protection by our government, and ultimately being able to thank God by honoring Him with our lives.

So thank you Twitter and all the new friends I have made and yet to make. Thank you for being so kind to invite me into your lives and allow me the privilege of sharing mine with you. Thank you for "being" there, with words of encouragement and affirmation. I hope that I too, can be an encourager and offer bits of wisdom and grace to those I meet.

These are my reasons, what are yours? Would love to hear your comments. Thanks!

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flicka47 said...

Wow,what you said was perfect.

It is like finding a bunch of friends that you didn't even know you had.We get to share serious things,funny things,happy things,and sad.

It is so nice to know that there are lots of folks that see the world the same way you do.

I am so glad for all my twitter friends,they give me hope.

rockingjude said...

Twitter for me was an answer to a prayer...I had been on the Market watch boards and in fact built my own for the community called US&Geoeconomics&Solutions....... and the board everything was working great...We were getting a lot of hits and opening a lot of eyes but I realized that I needed to take the message out to reach more of the masses....and I did with Project World Awareness [PWA] ...It has probably been one of the biggest challenges of my life..

to be continued as I just fell asleep at the keyboard...lollllll

Gammy said...

M, you did it again. You've expressed the hearts of thousands who participate on Twitter. I almost gave up in the beginning because I didn't understand it and had few followers. I still have what would be 'few followers' to those who play the numbers game. But, to me...I feel like I've gained 244+ new friends. I have been very lonely for a very long time. God put Twitter in my life for a purpose and YOU of all my TWEETS, know what that is! I thank God for each new follower as they trickle in and look forward to the relationships. Yours is a true godsend. Thank you for your words of inspiration! Thank you for ALL the winning women out there (like me), that don't know they are yet. I'm getting there~
In Him~YSIC,

lynnmosher said...

Great article! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago and am basicly a homebody. I have little outside contact with people. Twitter is a Godsend to me. The friends I have made are awesome and I praise God for all of them. It is so awesome to be connected to the outside world, even if it is the cyber world!